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Polystyrene microspheres

Our PS microspheres are specifically designed for immunodiagnostic assays and optimized for superior performance.  These microspheres are the best choice for passive adsorption of ligands (such as antibodies, antigens, proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids) and are suitable for particle based instrument assays and latex agglutination tests.

  • Over 50 products

  • Excellent for adsorption of proteins for use in diagnostic tests

  • Optimized levels of sulfate groups to stabilize the microparticles

  • Very uniform surface morphology for best passive adsorption

  • Highly uniform size and batch-to-batch reproducibility

Plain surface

Omni-Bind™ Lipophilic Plain-Surface microspheres

Our Omni-Bind™ Lipophilic plain-surface microspheres are designed for better binding of various proteins.

  • Contour to the conformation of the proteins for better adsorption and binding efficiency

  • Improves visibility of the agglutinates

Omni-Bind Lipophilic

Low-Density Plain-Surface microspheres

Low-Density PS microspheres are designed for applications requiring passive adsorption of ligands and no or little settlement of the microparticles.

  • Designed to reduce settling

  • Highly uniform size and stable

Lightly Hydrophilic

Lightly Hydrophilic Polystyrene microspheres

Lightly Hydrophilic PS microspheres are designed with little hydrophilic groups to enhance the  stability and reduce aggregation problems during processing.

  • Enhances stability

  • Improves passive adsorption and reactivity

Non-Polystyrene microspheres

Non-Polystyrene microspheres are designed for applications where more hydrophilic surfaces are desired for increased adsorption of certain ligands.

  • Easy to centrifuge

  • Suitable for adsorption while offering a less hydrophobic surface than PS


High-Density microspheres

High-Density microspheres are designed for applications where a higher density over 1.05 g/cc is preferred.

  • Suitable for passive adsorption of ligands

  • More hydrophilic surface than PS

  • Easy to centrifuge


Soap-Free Polystyrene microspheres

Our Soap-Free microspheres are designed with optimum sulfate groups for stability and passive adsorption of ligands.

  • Optimum sulfate groups to stabilize the microparticles

  • No excess sulfate groups to interfere with passive adsorption

  • No residual monomer

  • Very uniform, stable, and reproducible

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