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About us

PolyMicrospheres offers research, development, and manufacturing of uniform polymer microspheres for clinical diagnostics, and microsphere and nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems for pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare industries.  Using state-of-the-art facilities and the most innovative polymerization and microencapsulation techniques, we develop and manufacture a complete range of microspheres and drug delivery systems with a variety of particle sizes and surface chemistries.

Founded in 1990, PolyMicrospheres has cultivated its expertise in two main areas:

  1. the development and precise manufacturing of highly uniform microspheres for immunodiagnostic assays

  2. the design and development of microsphere-based drug delivery systems for controlled release of pharmaceutical compounds over a period of weeks to months

The goal of our company is to work with our customers and strategic partners in adapting our products and technologies to their specific applications.

Our expertise

With more than three decades of experience in polymer science, process engineering, and microparticle and drug delivery technologies, PolyMicrospheres has been at the forefront of microsphere development, microencapsulation, and controlled-release delivery systems.  


Our product development group is led by Dr. Mohan, renowned for being a pioneer in microsphere development for over 30 years.  He built the particle technology division at Seradyn (now ThermoFisher) in the late 1980s, developing the entire research and manufacturing programs from concept to commercialization.  At PolyMicrospheres, he has further developed and optimized the processes and products to perfectly suit various immunodiagnostic and drug delivery applications.  


The precision and accuracy of our techniques, together with GMP and ISO certified manufacturing practices, provide the highest quality and constantly reproducible products.  With our extensive experience and expertise in microsphere development and manufacturing, you are always assured of a superior product, which performs the way it is designed to, batch after batch.

Our facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities include: 

  • Modern and well-equipped labs and clean rooms

  • Custom-designed glass/glass-lined reactors

  • Precise process controllers (± 0.2°C and ± 1 rpm)

  • Large-scale manufacturing (up to 300 liters of microspheres in a single production run)

  • GMP and ISO certified manufacturing practices

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