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Microsphere & Nanoparticle-based Drug Delivery Systems

Controlled-release Delivery
Targeted and Site-Specific Delivery
optimized for...
Parenteral Delivery Systems
Intranasal Delivery Systems
Oral Delivery Systems

Stemming from our microparticle expertise, PolyMicrospheres has been at the forefront of microencapsulation and advanced drug delivery technologies.  Working with APIs from Eli Lilly, Merck, US Army, and others, we have developed drug delivery systems that provided the controlled-release of drugs and other bioactive agents for several weeks and even months.  

We specialize in the design and development of microsphere and nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems, including optimization, rapid feasibility studies, evaluation and in vitro release studies, scale-up and manufacturing (from grams to kilogram quantities).

Our advantage:  UNIFORMITY



particle size

drug loading

surface morphology

Delivery options

Large range of microencapsulation and delivery technologies, enabling...

  • Release profiles up to four months

    • Uniform release or delayed bursts​

  • Various modes of administration  

    • Parenteral (IV, IM, subcutaneous)

    • Intranasal

    • Oral

  • Specialized delivery

    • Targeted and site-specific delivery

    • Overcoming biological barriers

      • Protection from degradation and conformational changes in the acidic environment of the stomach​

      • Transport across the blood brain barrier

Parameters we can optimize

Our proprietary technologies allow us to optimize the following parameters:  

  • Release kinetics and efficacy

  • Various biodegradable and biocompatible matrix materials

  • Surface properties of the matrix

  • Particle size (ranging from 50nm to 500μm)

  • Desired drug loading

Drug candidates
  • Water-soluble and water-insoluble drugs

  • Small molecules to large proteins

  • Recombinant peptides and proteins

  • Chemotherapeutics

  • Other pharmaceutical compounds

Recent work
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