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Other microspheres

Fluorescent / Dyed Microspheres

  • Standard Colors:   Fluorescent Yellow, Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Violet, and other colors

  • Any product in our catalog can be dyed to the color of your choice


SupraMag™ Superparamagnetic microparticles

  • Highly attractive and with amino, chloromethyl, and sulfhydryl functional groups


Precleaned microspheres:  available in all of the above products on order

Custom and semi-custom microspheres to your exact specs

Particle size and calibration standards

Microspheres for imaging, FPD, and LCD applications

Large microbeads:  sizes from 40 µM to 2000 µM.  Click for product list.

Biodegradable microsphere-based drug delivery systems for pharmaceutical, biomedical & healthcare applications

We can fine-tune diagnostic microspheres for the right size and surface chemistry and the appropriate levels of functionality to suit your specific application.

SupraMag™ Superparamagnetic microparticles

PolyMicrospheres innovation in immunomagnetic research has led to the development of novel superparamagnetic microparticles with the highest magnetic loading and optimized levels of functional groups for covalent coupling of ligands.

  • High emu/g

  • Smaller particle size and high surface area

  • Higher magnetic attraction than typical 1-4 µM magnetic particles

  • Fast response to magnet

  • Clear supernatant

  • Easy redispersion

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