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Uniform Microspheres for Clinical Diagnostics

PolyMicrospheres takes pride in providing the highest quality uniform microspheres for our customers in clinical diagnostics.  With more than three decades of experience in polymer science, process engineering, and microparticle technology, PolyMicrospheres is the pioneer in the creation of uniform polymer microspheres specifically designed for diagnostic assays.  

Using state-of-the-art facilities and the most innovative polymerization techniques, we develop and manufacture a complete line of uniform microspheres with a variety of particle sizes and surface chemistries.  In addition, we offer semi-custom and custom microspheres, optimized and fine-tuned with the proper surface morphology and the correct level of functionality to suit your application.

Widest range of products in the industry
  • Best choice for most applications

  • Over 100 products

  • Optimized levels of COOH groups
    (50-300 µEq/g) for each particle size, fine-tuned over decades for maximum coupling efficiency

  • Over 50 products

  • Optimized levels of sulfate groups for stabilization 

  • Uniform surface morphology for optimal passive adsorption

​Features available on all products:

Our advantage:  High Uniformity

The importance of uniformity:  High Uniformity = High Performance




  • Uniform particle size

  • Uniform carboxyl distribution

  • Uniform surface morphology

  • Higher sensitivity

  • Eliminates false positives

  • Minimal non-specific binding

In an independent study, PolyMicrospheres produced 6 times more sensitivity than other manufacturers

(average from a variety of particle sizes)

Achieved through decades of innovation and optimization in formulations & process engineering,
the extreme uniformity of our microspheres is what enables such sensitivity and desired selectivity.


  • Proven batch-to-batch reproducibility

  • Innovative polymerization technologies

  • Precision and accuracy of our techniques

  • 30+ years of research and manufacturing

  • Product development led by Dr. Mohan, a pioneer in this field

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